An Arborbrook “Staycation”


As we approach Spring Break, we often think of sunny beaches and warm breezes. However, not every break is about a big getaway, and home becomes the destination for relaxation. There are plenty of ideas all over the Internet with things to do in the Charlotte area, so what could you do that is different?

The better question is: What are some “living ideas” for a “staycation?” Below, I’ve compiled a list of ideas that I hope will help with provide some fresh ideas. Perhaps you have already seen or done some of the concepts, but these have added twists to them and it could make for a very fun week! Enjoy!

History – Head over to Kings Mountain National Military Park in Blacksburg, SC. There you can take a stroll on a paved 1.2 mile loop that is quiet and scenic with displays of events that took place during the Revolutionary War. Want a more difficult trek? Check out their 16 mile hike, but I advise caution, as this is noted as a moderately difficult path.


Geography – Have you ever gone geocaching? This is a great activity for people of (almost) all ages to try. My family has gone to several sites in the Charlotte area, but we have a very special location that you may enjoy. This cache is not a secret, but it is by far the most unique geocache we have found to date due to it being an abandoned/utility only type of road. To get started, go to this site and set up a free account. You will also need to set up a compass on your cellphone to help navigate. On the site, you will be able to access many hundreds of geocaches in the Charlotte area and beyond. Some will be easy, and some not so much. Check out my favorite geocache at the following coordinates! N 35° 03.598 W 080° 45.840

Bible – Go to Jetton Park, Lake Wylie, or some quiet location outdoors, and enjoy a picnic together, pray together and rest in God, rejoicing in the recent celebration of Easter. Both parks have waterfront decks that you are able to reserve. Check out my family’s favorite private spot on the lake at the following coordinates: 35.466562, -80.903775

Math and Science – Break out the pots and pans and get cooking…or baking! Create a cooking challenge (Chopped!) in the home with your family and see who was the most creative. Want a simple math challenge? Help your child figure out how to break down a cup of flour in smaller amounts. Or if you’re a big kid, challenge yourself to break a cup down from a tablespoon! For the science portion, use a base recipe and adjust most of the measurements. Will the recipe work? Only you will be able to decide!  Mrs. Fisk’s family used to play “cafeteria” for lunches when her children were young.  She would set out items like cheese sticks, raisins, chips, and boiled eggs and give each one a price.  Then she would give her kids a dollar and they had to “shop” for their lunch!  This taught them how to budget and gave them practice counting out money (of course she usually had to specify that a main course and a fruit was required so they wouldn’t spend their whole dollar on dessert!).

Writing/Grammar/Poetry – Get your creative thinking caps on, and draft up a poem. Have your whole family do this and have a Poetry Jam! Or…go to the local library, grab a children’s book (or a comic book) and ACT it out to your family!  Make dinner for your family one night and come up with a beautifully written and illustrated menu complete with creative names for the courses.  Or go to a bookstore and help your child pick a “spring break book” and choose a time to read for at least 30 minutes a day in a beautiful spot (maybe even a hammock in your backyard).  You can read right along with them.


Art – Head uptown to the Mint Museum and enjoy the sites of some beautiful works of art. Did you know admission is FREE on Wednesday nights from 5-9pm? (This applies to both museum locations.) Don’t feel like leaving your home? Check out some virtual museums online!

Music – If you are family of musicians, create a song and record it! You might be surprised in your own talents. If you are not a musician, grab some cans, empty glass jars, or whatever you can; take spoons and other utensils and have a music jam session together. We used to do this with the drum line in college and it was amazing what tunes would develop with simple rhythms.

Nature – It’s spring! And what better way to kick off the season than by helping design your gardens at home. Create a raised bed for better crop production, or make a new gardening section only using pots and planters for a unique challenge.  Grab some watercolors and ask your children to teach you how to paint a leaf or a flower using dry brush technique.


I hope you enjoy your spring break! May it be full and restful!

-by Andrea Robson


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