Reflections from the Washington, D.C. Trip


As memories of D.C. linger in our minds, we wanted to share some sentiments written by our Jr. High Students.

“Recently my 7th and 8th grade class went to Washington, D.C. for a four day field trip. We took a giant ROSE bus up there. It took us about eight hours to get to D.C. I had an awesome and fun time while I was there and made lots of memories. I will never forget one of the most special times of my life. One of the most fun things we did was to go on a night bike tour. Another of the things we did was to visit the Jefferson Memorial. While the tour guide was telling us all about it, there was a group of four women dancing to “Happy” and making a video.  It was so funny!”


This Jr. High Student goes on to share about her funny memories and the things she saw, including a man proposing in the park and the girl saying Yes! Our student “loved this trip so much and wished (she) could do another one next year for a longer amount of time.” Truly our students have great minds, a love for learning, and an uncanny eye for funny details!


Another Student writes:

“The trip to D.C. was awesome! We all had so much fun on the bus ride, chatting, playing games, and having a good time. We got to see some amazing artifacts from our U.S. History as well as some stuff from WWII in Germany. I can’t wait to tell you what we saw in all of the museums! The first stop I wanted to share was our nightly bike tour. It was a three-hour tour and I hadn’t biked in forever so I was nervous. All was well and we got to see so many memorials such as the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the MLK Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, President Mason’s Memorial, and the Capitol at night!” On our (daytime) Capitol Tour we had the most hilarious tour guide…we were laughing with every joke he made, he was the best! Whether it was bike riding, listening to tour guides, or playing games at our hotel, we always seemed to have a great time!”


Another Jr. High Student shares serious snapshot: “I can vividly remember being at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. I’m refreshed by the cool breeze blowing after all of the pedaling and biking. I look up for a moment to see Lincoln in his enormous chair. His eyes are kind. Lincoln looks straight ahead over the nation’s capital. I see a sense of power and calmness washes over me. I stare straight ahead at a magnificent leader. When times runs out I don’t want to leave him behind.”


It’s just this kind of awe and wonder that we experienced as we saw the magnitude of our great capital.  We hunted for inscriptions of Bible verses such as John 11:25-26, “Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”  We gazed at great paintings such as Washington praying and looked at his own family Bible in his home at Mt. Vernon.  We visited the gravesite of “An American Soldier Known But to God” and came upon an actual graveside funeral with a band led procession with soldiers.  We were quite somber as we realized freedom does not come free.    -Tracy Alexander