Reflections from the Rooftops of London


I took a few moments to ask Lower School students what they might of learned from being in the school play.  Truly it was Mrs. Tillman’s Thank You on stage that got me to thinking about this idea.  I treasured talking with the students and thought you might want to hear their thoughts.  One Jr. High student wrote that she learned to have a good time, and laugh at her mistakes.  She also wrote, “If you care about what people think of you, it isn’t going to go well.  Just be yourself!”  Wow, such a valuable life lesson taught not through a book, but through the experience and gift of drama.  She continued, “I also learned if you work hard, you will have fun in the end.”  Tenacity taught, a valuable lesson learned.  Another student who watched the play wrote, “I learned that God can use people to show something that He wants to tell us.”  A Message from our Maker straight to her heart?  She added, “When you’re in a play you’re not just playing/acting for people, you’re praising God with your heart, mind, actions, and voice.”  Oh the gift of doing all things onto Christ our Lord.  This is a student I know that has taken on responsibilities that take courage and have allowed her to give glory to God.  It sounds like she has already learned such a valuable lesson of no matter what you are given to do in life, to do it all unto The Lord.
Speaking of responsibilities, one of our many crew commented that there are many deadlines in  a production, all of them needing to fit together like a giant puzzle, with only 1 minute to solve.  The experience was a “giant team building exercise” for this young man.   I am certain this will stay with him as he continues to workout his role within the body of Christ.  Another crewman spoke about this same job being important and hard, writing “It was fun to work alongside some of my best buddies.”  Isn’t that true of our own hats we wear? It’s the people that we work alongside with and serve that make it so much fun.
Another cast member wrote about praying together backstage with all the chimney sweeps for the few minutes the sound wasn’t working.  She continued to write, “I also learned to enjoy every moment on stage and have fun with it.  Cherish the moments you get.”  Gratitude is such a gift. Praise Jesus she gets it.  The answered prayers of The Lord were felt by many.
Several students commented about Mrs. Tillman’s reliance on Him, and how the details “came together” when the Drama Team asked Him for provision.  One young lady told about a scene that Drama Team member Mrs. Andrews was working on to get it flow better.  The Student said after praying to The Lord, Mrs. Andrews had an answer, that just worked and fixed the problem perfectly.  She said, “That’s a Jesus Moment.”  “I think He was really by our side.”  Mrs. Scott was a treasure to students with her dedication to details.
Comments from our youngest Cast were especially candid with statements like, “You have to have a lot of patient love.”  And, “You can’t be so shy, so shy that you mess up and have to say it again.”  A couple of students shared sentiments about being nervous, practicing hard, and working through being nervous.  One young lady commented, “Being nervous is okay!”  Another very young man shared that it was really good exercise for him. Now there’s incentive for all of us to join the Drama Team!  There were just so many honest and heartfelt comments shared from our students about their experiences in this year’s play.  However one that will stay with me for a long time is from one of our Elementary students.  He described the paper cast members completed at the beginning where they got to check off what they liked or didn’t like to do and he said, “All the stuff I didn’t like to do…it turned out to be my best things.”  I think I’ll just let that sit awhile…and hope that I can say that one day too.

Post contributed by Tracy Alexander