Overwhelmed and Loving It

by Stacia Noble


It’s senior year for my oldest.  Enter excitement and challenge as we visited colleges and sorted through an endless stream of brochures, post cards, and e-mails.  The phone calls from admissions counselors became routine along with seeking wisdom from the Father and anyone He put in our path who seemed a help with it all.

“This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” sighed my usually decisive daughter.  The overwhelm came in the form of so many options—schools that not only suited but inspired us and gave quick acceptances and lots of attention.  Most of this overwhelm has been positive . . kind of like a lengthy menu at a great restaurant.  What do we choose with so many desirable options?

The overwhelm that I’m loving started with a trickle in the fall and became a flood over the holiday break.  Being around Arborbrook  graduates with diverse but dynamic experiences filled me with hope over my 17-year-old baby’s next steps and with gratitude for her time at Arborbrook.

The trickle started on a fall afternoon that we spent at UNC Greensboro with Mary Kate Rogers.  Seeing Mary Kate delight in the challenge of the classes in the honors college, having her friends kindly demand to be introduced to us, and sharing in her joy and comfort in it all boosted us along in our search for a great fit.

A warm hug from sparkly-eyed Mitch Moore, helping out with a Falcon’s basketball practice over the break, matched the charisma of his graduation speech.  He’s made the Dean’s List at NC State where he’s studying engineering.  The gifts and talents that were honed at our school are being used on that campus too via CRU activities and, I suspect, through his day to day interactions with students and faculty.

At a holiday gathering, Cori VanDusen gladly shared details of her life and studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago that she called a “blessing” to herself.  Her year of study in Argentina seems a perfect base for building upon at this famed institution.

The flow continued:  I smiled inside and out as I watched Daniel Zangmeister encourage a small group of current Arborbrook students about transitioning to college life.  Daniel is studying biochemistry, physics, and Spanish at Elon University.  He’s growing through this challenging study emphasis and through interacting with a very diverse student and faculty population.  Dan’s entry through Elon’s gap semester program perfectly dovetailed with some Arborbrook distinctives—nature, service, and travel.

Want to know more of what is happening with Arborbrook’s classes of 2011 – 2014?  Join me in the beautiful flood of overwhelm.

How is Becca doing at Baylor?  Olivia at UNC Chapel Hill?  Trey at Trivecca?  Mariah at Columbia International Unversity?  What was the topic of the paper Tiffany presented and how’s she finding the great internship she’s landed at Charleston Southern?  How did it go for Forrest on his visit to investigate a school in Liverpool?  How are Abby, Emily and Siara doing at Liberty?  Will Bailey join them there to study nursing after her time of serving with Summit Ministries in the inner city?  What will the current class do with the opportunities presented them?  Let’s find out!  Join me later for that, and now in thanking God for these young men and women and how they were nourished via the abundant feast.